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Epic Marriages!
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I went to claim a husband over on another comm, and noticed that one hadn't been updated in FOREVER, so I took matters into my own hands. Welcome to epic_marriage!

1. One claim per person.

2. EVERY PERSON CLAIMED MUST BE AT LEAST 16. This goes for characters as well as actors. I'm not doing this because I want to, but this could possibly be an issue with LiveJournal. I'd rather not get the community shut down. Sorry for any inconvenience.

3. Don't come whining to me because your chosen character is taken. There are plenty of others out there to chose from. I'm sure you'll find someone else.

4. Check the claims list to make sure your chosen celebrity or fictional character is still available.
If they are, post a new entry to the community.
Subject (I am epically marrying...) body (character/celebrity you're claiming).

5. Please follow this format when making a post, INCLUDING tags.
If you have a problem with the tags, please don't hesitate to contact the mod!

6. Please link back to the community in your profile. Something along the lines of "Married to (so and so) at epic_marriage!

7. If you leave the community, your claim will be dropped and someone else may claim that person.
If your journal is deleted, your claim will also be dropped.

8. Fictional characters, Actors, Actresses, Athletes, Musicians, etc... can be claimed.
Please state somewhere in the post where they're from so I know where to list them.

9. If you would like to drop (but NOT change) your claim - comment to this post letting me know.

10. If you're changing a claim please make a second post, stating the change, who your new claim is, as well as using the I want a divorce! tag in addition to the regular tags.

11. Pimp out this community.
The more you pimp the more fun this will be.

12. Have fun!

FAQ coming soon, please be patient!
Have a question not answered in the rules?
Drop me a line at wnchstrsgrl@aol.com
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